Charb Chimie Industrial Products Company:

Is a private Joint-Stock Iranian Refinery wholly owned by its share holders. It is one of the largest manufacturers of mixed Fatty Acids with 18000 Ton/Y (Fatty Acids) and 2000 Ton/Y (Glycerin) Production Capacity and 20000000 USD annual turnovers.
Charb Chimie Provides valuable assistance through its customer service department and chemical plant which operates under the most modern design and sophisticated equipments . Because of our high technology and manufacturing capabilities, we enjoy a very strong position within the Iranian industrial and academic communities.
Our in house expertise in the fatty acids technologies and marketing has provided us with unique opportunities in the area of oleo chemicals in Iran.

Fatty acids production in Charb Chimie refinery
Fatty Acids Production Plant in Chimie operates under the most modern and high technology by German Machinery designed for 1995, with sophisticated equipment and assistance of the most qualified in –house expertises.
This plant consists of the following main units.
1) Main production plant with three basic units.
A) fat pretreatment unit
B) fat/oil splitting unit
C) fatty acid distillation unit
2) Utilities
3) Filling station, weighing and dispatching unit
4) Maintenance and inspection department
5) Quality control and research laboratory

Charb Chime Products:
1- Soya bean oil mixed fatty acids
2- Tallow fatty acids
3- Sunflower oil mixed fatty acids
4- Castor oil mixed fatty acids
5- Coconut oil mixed fatty acids
6- Dehydrated castor oil fatty acids
7- Cotton seed oil mixed fatty acids
8- Crude palm oil mixed fatty acids
9- Palm kernel oil mixed fatty acids
10- Linseed oil mixed fatty acids
11- Rapeseed oil mixed fatty acids
12- Glycerin U.S.P grade 98-99%

Charb Chime Future Products:
1- Fatty Alcohols
2- Esters

Charb Chimie End- Users and Markets is more than 200 customers as below:
1- Paints & Resins Industries
2- Textile, Pulp and paper industries
3- Detergents, Cosmetic, Toilets creams and soap industries.
4- Emolecifiers and tyre industries
5- Domestics Cattle Husbandry and poultries
6- Flotation oils production
7- Agent for softeners, wetting, petroleum, purifiers, frothing, antibaking and super fatting.

We would like to introduce ourselves as a leading Iranian export company with more that 15 years business experience, we are active in exporting as a above products in middle east and we want active in European & African country for exporting. Assuring you of our best services at all the time.

Address: No.25, East 14 th Street, Beyhaghi Blvd.Argentin Sq.

Tel : 8 - 88751894

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